Cash for Gold

Question: How much do you pay or what is my gold worth?
Answer: In order to answer this question, we need to professionally evaluate your items to determine actual weight and karat. Once you bring in your items, your gold will be professionally weighed, tested for precious metal content, and assigned a net value. We pay up to 98% of the spot price of gold.

Question: How do I get paid?
Answer: We can mail you a personal check, e-check,Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union. On the enclosed card you will receive from us, you will indicate your preferred method of payment. “echeck” is direct deposit into your account and will cost $4.99 which we can deduct from your total. 

Question: What types of gold objects do we accept?
Answer: We accept all forms of Scrap Gold in the following Karats: 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k. We also accept Dental Gold.

To see all the items we buy click here

Question: Do you take other metals besides gold?
Answer: Yes! In addition to white gold, yellow gold, and pink gold in 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k, and dental gold, we also take sterling silver and platinum. Sterling silver may say “Sterling” or 925 stamped on it. Silver pieces can also have a Hallmark on them or numbers such as “84”. Platinum may be stamped Pt. 750, 850, 950, or 1000 depending the purity. Some metals may not be stamped and still be gold, silver, or platinum. Just send it in, we will test it for you.

Question: Do you buy Diamonds or other precious stones?
Answer: Yes, we buy diamonds. Although we purchase precious metals for refinement mostly, diamonds .5 points and larger are appraised separately by our inhouse professionals and we'll make you an offer that will be higher than the other cash for gold places that only pay for the melt value of your gold. Diamonds are valued by their cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour. They are always worth something. Tiny diamonds get melted along with the gold. Bring your jewelry to us and you will always get the top value. Please note: We don't buy semi-precious stones. To see all the items we buy click here

Question: I paid $1000 for my necklace. I should expect to get $1000?
Answer: Retail stores mark up jewelry,we pay for the “melt value” of your jewelry – that is, the value of the gold itself once it has been melted down and sent to the refinery. If your jewelry contains diamonds, we appraise them separately. You will get the top $$$ for your item if you sell it to us. The other good news is gold prices have gone up since you bought the necklace. Even with the mark up you still may be doing great.

Question: Gold went down a few dollars yesterday, should I wait until it goes back up to send it ?
Answer: The price of gold has been so volatile in the past few years that no one can predict what it will be on any given day. If you wait, the price could tumble leaving you pretty disappointed. If you want or need money now, then there is no better time to sell your gold, silver or platinum.

Question: What if I change my mind after mailing out my jewelry?
Answer: Not a problem. After we receive your gold packet, we test and weigh your gold, silver, or platinum and an offer by phone and/or e-mail. No melting is done unless you approve the amount. If you change your mind we will happily and quickly return your metals. If you choose to sell your gold, silver or platinum, the metals are then melted, and your money will be sent out to you safely and promptly. If not, you will be charged a return postage fee.


Question: What do I need to pawn or sell an item?
The item or items need to be in good order, then you need 2 peices of proper ID. The first being a peice of goverment photo ID and one supporting peice.

Question: Is a photo copy of my ID acceptable?
Answer: No, it is not. Only government issued photo ID's are accepted.

Question: I've pawned there before, can I do a pawn without ID?
Answer: No, you must provide ID everytime you pawn.

Question: Will you take anything on Pawn?
Answer: No, we do not take broken, abused or otherwise unsaleable items. We have no interest in items where the ownership is in question. For full list of acceptable items click here

Question: Will you call me when my item is due?
Answer: No, we never will make embarrassing phone calls to you, your home or friends and family without your consent. Your privacy is our #1 priority, discretion is fully assured. If you choose not to pick up your item, you can be guaranteed you will not be bothered by phone. However, if the sum of the loan is greater then $30, we reserve the right to send you a letter after a period of 1 year as stated by The Pawnbrokers Act of Ontario.

Question: How soon can I pick up my item or items after I've pawned it?
Answer: You can pick up you pawn anytime during regular business hours, there is no manditory wait period.

Question: If i buy something from your store, how do I know that I am not buying stolen property?
Answer: All sellers must provide government issued photo ID, all items are entered online and transmitted to the Toronto Police services The Police service will scutinize both the items and person providing those items. It would be a rare occurance that we would have anything of questionable origin.

Question: Do you have parking close?
Answer: Yes, this is Downtown Toronto, lots of Parking available, although you may cost you a few bucks.

Question: I can't or do not want to pick up my item, will this affect my credit?
Absolutley not, we do not report to a credit agency. If you do not pick up your item by the specified period, it will be considered sold to us.

Question: I can't make it down to your store, can you come to me?
Answer: Yes we can, please read our house call page for more information.

Question: Am I obligated to pick my item up?
Answer: No, you are not legally obligated to pick up your item. If you do not pick up your item it will be placed out for sale after the due date.

Question: I really want my item, but do not have the full amount due. What can I do?
Answer: You can renew the pawn by paying just the interest and fees prior to the due date of your pawn. Come in and talk to us an we can calculate a loan repayment plan depending on the outstanding amount.