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After a quick inspection by our in-store professionals, You will recieve top CASH offer on the spot!

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let us come to you.

We will travel to your location being either your home, office or business at a pre-arranged time with our testing equipment and buy your metals for cash!


Xpress Post

Request us to send you a Free Xpress Post Insured Metals Pack.

Once you've received it, you will then sign the enclosed agreement and mail your metals to us. Once we have received your metals, we will contact you to arrange a method of payment by Certified Cheque, Email Transfer, Paypal, MoneyGram or Western Union.



Need immediate cash but don't want to sell?

"Unideluxe" Toronto's Gold Exchange & Pawnbroker Guarantees a fast, confidential and professional service, offering instant loans between $10 and $50,000.

Visit us and enquire about pawning your items in person. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry through our website.



Gold Jewelry, Silver Tea Sets, Scrap Gold, Sterling Flatware, Class Rings, Dental Gold, Chains, Wedding sets, Earrings, Gold Watches, Cufflinks, Gold flakes and nuggets, Gold and silver coins, Gold Bracelets, Gold Statues, Rings, silver bars and bullion, Pendants, Key Chains, Money Clips, Antique Jewelry, Brooches, Charms and Lockets, Necklaces, Any kind of Platinum, Diamonds...



Semi-Precious Stones or Gemstones (Aventurine, Agate, Amethyst, Beryl, Carnelian, Chrysoberyl, Diopside, Emerald, Garnet, Jade, Jasper, Malachite, Moonstone, Onyx, Opal, Peridot, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Sodalite, Sunstone, Tanzanite, Tiger's eye, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Amber, Abalone, Ammolite, Copal, Coral, Ivory, Pearl), Shell Jewelry, Gold Plated Jewelry, Gold Filled Jewelry, Silver Plated Silverware or Silver Plated Jewelry.

Prices for gold, silver and platinum have dramatically increased to record high prices and so did the number of people looking to sell their unwanted or broken gold, silver or platinum jewelry.

Here you have the best opportunity to get paid the most for items like gold watches, broken gold, gold jewelry, gold coins and scrap gold items. Things that you think have no value or are just sitting around in a jewelry box, might very well provide you with the much needed cash.

Many of our customers have opted to get our cash for gold service for their broken or unwanted jewelry. For those who need extra money and those who just want to sell their unwanted gold, using our cash for gold services at Unideluxe Gold Exchange & Pawnbroker is the best and the quickest way to do this. Now is the time to capitalize on the increasing price of gold.

What We Pay

Pricing Your Gold Is Based On Several Factors:

The Spot Price

Before selling jewelry, you can check today’s gold price. This is the price pure gold is trading at per ounce on the open market.

The Karat Of Your Gold

This is the purity of your gold jewelry. 24 Karat (K) is considered pure or 100% gold. 12K is 50% gold. In North America, most jewelry is 14K which contains 58.50% gold. Unfortunately just because an item has a stamp of “18K” or “14K” that doesn’t mean the item is authentic.When you are selling gold, we test it to determine the Karat.

The Weight Of Your Gold

The industry standard is to use pennyweight (DWT). There are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce of gold. We use super accurate scales that are calibrated for near perfect accuracy.